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At Great Social Club, we know how to find the people and resources to make magic. We work with fellow professionals in all fields – walks of life from fashion designers and website and branding professionals, to talented publicists and coveted agencies. We are a Public Relations and Management Agency, reimagined with integrity and grit. We find natural strategists, problem solvers and creative thinkers, and know we are stronger as a collective. At Great Social Club, we believe in sharing the love. If one of us wins, we all win.


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Great Social Club® utilizes our curated team of coast-to-coast talent to custom-produce video and photo media to generate PR, marketing and social media client assets. We also use our production team to create product imagery, branding images, storytelling content and so much more for our clients to ensure they are properly branded with the top-notch assets. 

Creative Photo/Video Shoot Direction




Our unique team offers seamless production services in fashion, special events, creative set design, videography and one-of-a-kind storytelling. We use our talents and strengths to pull all necessary elements together from location scouting, talent procurement, to creating a campaign with highly skilled talent that is curated and vetted by our team. At Great Social Club®, we are all about our relationships, our team can direct produce music videos, film shorts to digital campaigns. We have built decades of trust with industry experts which has allowed us the unique ability to procure the best creatives, firms and individuals worldwide. We have a strong presence and real trust in our home base and community in Wyoming, as well the Rocky Mountain Region. Our team would be thrilled to make it work, and offer budget perks by working locally in Wyoming. We love and enjoy creating at our home-base of Sheridan, Wyoming, so send us a note! 


With Wyoming and the Rocky Mountain Region as our home base, we have exclusive access to some of the most unique properties and natural spaces, including ranches, picturesque mountain locations and equestrian properties. Great Social Club® and associates work closely within our Wyoming community which allows us to limit unnecessary bureaucracy and efficiently handle the logistics and production for our clients and partners.


We offer both consulting of our clients’ branding, events or one-time projects. Our team of curated branding specialists partner with vetted creatives to walk you through a seamless process to help you find your voice and the story that visually represents your brand or project. This can include a complete creative overhaul, from image consulting to logo creation to a full website rebuild with our creative partners and team.

Location scouting Services


Placing products and brands in the hands of key Digital Creators – creative content creators, designers, artists, stylists, public figures, celebrities and social media powerhouses – has become the forefront for brand exposure. Great Social Club maintains an extensive personal network of tastemakers, artists, creatives and trendsetters for seeding and building meaningful relationships to help share your story with purpose and meaning.

Creative Digital Placements


Great Social Club® help our client’s grow by connecting and brand building through collaborations. We think outside the box in our creative strategies and processes. We find partnerships with business, brands, fellow creatives and content creators that align with your brand and personal ethos.

Strategic Collaborations and Partnerships


Great Social Club® works with brand or individual strategic media placements through our own resources, as well as through partnerships with fellow media contacts, agencies and specialists. We offer press to publicize brand news including business/personal stories, beauty, covers, and fashion editorial features, interviews, product launches and more.

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