At Great Social Club®, we empower those who want to do better with their influence.  Our mission is to give in gratitude. We hope that the love we put into this community creates a continued cycle of "giving in gratitude." The media world needs more love, empathy and acceptance. Our team and clients want to make a positive impact, and always lead with integrity and most importantly transparency. 

Our key niches are fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. Our Production team are lovers of all things creative and artistic so please send us your idea, as we would love to see if we can help. 

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Our philosophy: a holistic approach and tight-nit operations to ensure our client's and talent's story is always told from the heart. Great Social Club® is a production and b2b agency that offers a specified range of services with a purpose to create a community that aligns with our values: integrity, love, and grit. We are culturally connected and result-driven. 

Great Social Club® carefully curates partnerships with larger PR firms, talent agencies and creative professionals to create a community for those who want to make a positive impact in our world. Our home-base is Big Horn and Sheridan, Wyoming area, and our creative teams work coast-to-coast. Our reach is international. We love an opportunity to get to know and work together! 

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Natalie Tran Steger is the founder and owner of Great Social Club® and a fellow lifelong creative. She has a Bachelor’s in Art History from George Mason University, focusing on Business Administration and Management, which was solely self-financed by working full time in the DC nightclub scene, and as an esthetician/pro makeup artist. Natalie knows what real hard work and grit means and is, therefore that is the backbone of her drive in life. By 2013 started her own business NTS Beauty, one of the first luxury makeup and skincare businesses in the Sheridan, Wyoming area and vicinity. She later passed work opportunities, knowledge, and skills to aspiring makeup artists and estheticians to help them grow their businesses as she moved on to focusing on motherhood and later new projects which later would transform into Great Social Club. Natalie proudly dedicated nearly two decades to the beauty industry, and it has provided her with a unique perspective in her approach to public relations, branding and in business overall. Her unique background in her education, work, and life experiences provided her the ability to give Great Social Club® a one-of-kind approach in her public relations and the style of management of brands, clients and creative production services. 

Her expertise entails excellent communication, creative strategies, and most importantly, the ability to build meaningful relationships with clients, talent, and communities alike. Her diverse networking connections are built on trust and transparency in both her business and personal ethics. She is highly respected, known for her integrity, and trusted in all her networking circles from the fashion, entertainment, and beauty industries. Natalie is known to think outside of the box in most situations, which makes her an incredible problem-solver, and her grit gives her the endurance to always meet her responsibilities at GSC. She applies a holistic approach in her style for Great Social Club’s clients and partners to ensure their story will always have purpose and meaning. She has a passion for art, and so it is only natural that her greatest desire to amplify others in that are creatives, tastemakers and artists in their respective fields. Natalie’s greatest joy is spending her free time enjoying the peaceful solitude of Wyoming with her family and close friends.

meet Natalie tran steger
CEO & FOunder

Within the realm of media, Cyan Dacasin reigns as a consummate professional and accomplished wordsmith. Our trusted anchor, she adeptly bolsters the team, proficiently managing logistics and communications. Beyond her pivotal role and support in upper management, Cyan shines as a prolific journalist for esteemed media publications, her globetrotting ventures adding a dash of worldly flair. Her deftness extends to gracefully stewarding accounts and orchestrating our experimental events and campaigns with ease.

Guiding our media-centric endeavors is Emma Herschede, entrusted with the orchestration of all things related to organization, and events.  Emma's indispensable contributions extend to the realm of experiential events, where her support is monumental.

At the helm of social media, digital innovation, and marketing prowess stands Claire Grisolano. A virtuoso in her domain, she masterfully conducts digital/social media audits, devises client strategies, and engineers digital campaigns for our team and clients alike. She is a freelance journalist specializing in social media news, fashion, and trends. Claire is also an invaluable support in our productions. Her creative ingenuity comes alive as she crafts captivating content and orchestrates impeccable b-roll sequences for our fashion editorials and creative productions.

Cyan – Executive Assistant, creative Agency sr. Coordinator

Emma – Events coordinator

Claire  – SR. Digital Marketing and creative agency coordinator 

meet our dream team 

Natalie Steger stands as the embodiment of a creative leader, ensuring efficiency and harmony throughout the agency. Her approach to her endeavors is guided by the unwavering principles of integrity, grit, and love. As a dedicated leader, she collaborates closely with her team, overseeing the management of creative talents, production logistics, and innovative directives. Renowned for her out-of-the box thinking, Natalie's aspiration remains fixed on fostering a positive influence in all her pursuits.  

partnerships, Clients & collaborations

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